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We offer a wide range of treatments to fit your individual needs.

In our practice we use only the most cutting edge technology, even when it comes to our brackets. Our brackets are the latest generation of brackets, known as self-ligating.  Although the traditional colors may still be used, with self-ligating there is no need for them since these brackets have a gate that open and closes to keep the wire in place. Self ligating brackets come in the traditional metal color or in the ceramic or clear variation.

Image result for empower brackets


We also offer Invisalign, which is another esthetic option.  It requires a digital impression or scan of tour teeth to order the trays or aligners. These trays will progressively move your teeth until we reach your desired outcome, but they must be worn consistently.

Image result for invisalignWe are also specialists in treating a wide range of Orthodontic problems. Occasionally, this requires more than just braces.

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